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80% of Bellevue College students who go on to four-year schools go to UW or WSU.

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Verify Completion of Course Prerequisite

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If you are blocked from registration into one of these courses and have completed the prerequisite at another college, you are in the right place!

Here you can upload an official or unofficial transcript from another college or university to show you have met the 
Course Prerequisites.

For a list of classes that have required prerequisites, please see here: 
Enforced Academic Prerequisites list – in PDF format

    If you don’t see your course on the list:
Please contact the division office that is offering the course. See Where to Get an Entry Code to look up contact information.  

If the course you wish to register for is not listed above, and you are still being blocked from registration, please email the instructor of the class you wish to take for more information.

Note: Our office cannot use any below college level courses (courses numbered under 100) to clear a prerequisite block except for MATH 099

Are you intending to transfer credits from your previous institution?
This process is only to remove a one time registration block. Transfering coursework from another school is a different process. For more information, please see our Transfer Credit Evaluation site

Important: If you choose to upload your unofficial transcript or document (must be in PDF format), please have it ready in your computer before you continue.

Questions? Call the Evaluations Office at (425) 564-3106 or visit our website

To begin enter your e-mail and then select the START button below.

To confirm e-mail address the address must be entered the same way twice.

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